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Welcome to Ariella Studio


A studio which focuses on the individual, whether it be sports injuries, rehabilitation or just some me time.


The studio has been running since 2013.


Previous events

Tour de Thuli 2015
Wild Run Mabapungwe 2017
Wild Run Wildcoast 2017/2018/2019
Rock the Boat Roodeplaatdam with Bruni Physiotherapy 2018

Buffelsdrift MTB Trail Park 2018
Buffelsdrift MTB Trail Park 2019
Wild Run Namibie Crossing 2019

WHY SPORTS MASSAGE? Do you suffer from muscular discomfort, tension, aches, sports injury or are you looking to improve your sports performance or lifestyle?

Sports injury – Upper and Lower Body Headaches and Migraines Shoulder Problems Neck Ache, Whiplash Muscle Stiffness, Aches and Tensions (Upper and Lower Body) Lower Back Problems Hip and Leg discomfort Ligament and Tendon Problems (Upper and Lower Body) Tennis Elbow RSI, Carpal Tunnel BENEFITS Helps to prevent injuries Helps to improve performance Helps to reduce spasms Helps to promote healing Helps to remove waste Helps keep muscles healthy Helps to improve movement range Helps to relieve pain Helps to improve recovery

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Meet Your Masseuse

Leonie Knoetze

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates Mat, Aerial Yoga and Massage Practioner. I love to help people to feel themselves again to be able to move freely and to enjoy life.


It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Ms. Leonie Knoetze (Ariella Studios).  I have been a client of Leonie’s for three years and her sports massage has significantly improved my ability to recover from injuries and my general wellbeing.  Leonie is extremely professional and qualified in a range of massage techniques; she gives her full attention to every client, every time. – Jennifer S


I want to send you a thank-you note to express my appreciation for your professional help. I went through a challenging time with back problems, but you made it easier. Since the fall from the roof, I ever wondered if I would get better from this pain in the lower back, my gluteus and hamstrings. ‘iesh’. Since that time I have had to go for physiotherapy treatment regularly. My paths crossed with you and I’m so thankful for people like you. I feel definitely much better since the beginning. I knew it is a process and everytime I just knew there was progress. Thank you so much for your thoroughness, friendliness and caring, and you were never in a hurry. You are professional and I am at peace with you.. My sincere thanks and appreciation and be blessed. Martin W